Overwatch Betting

When we at Esportbookies.co.uk look for the best Overwatch betting sites, we focus on odds, user experience, and bonus offers specific to the UK market.


LeoVegas offers competitive Overwatch betting odds and a user-friendly mobile betting experience. They’re a go-to for punters who love placing wagers on the fly.


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Bet365 is a heavy-hitter with a vast array of betting markets on Overwatch leagues. Their live betting interface is top-notch, keeping punters in the heart of the action.


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Unibet shines with its in-depth market coverage and live streaming services, perfect for those who want to bet and watch the games unfold in real-time.


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Terms & conditions

New costumers only| Min. deposit £10 |35x wagering requirement apply | Bonus will expire 30 days after opt-in | T&C apply | Play responsible | 18+ | gambleaware.org

Overwatch Betting

How to start an account. Step by step.

  1. Choose your site: Pick from LeoVegas, Bet365, Unibet, or any other reputable site.
  2. Register: Click on their ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Join Now’ button, usually at the top of the page.
  3. Provide Details: Fill out the necessary personal and contact information.
  4. Verify: Complete any verification processes required by the site (ID, address, etc.).
  5. Deposit: Make your first deposit with your preferred payment method.
  6. Claim Bonus: If available, opt-in for welcome bonuses or free bets.
  7. Ready, Set, Bet: Navigate to the Overwatch markets and place your first bet.


In diving into the world of Overwatch betting, it’s key to grasp the fundamentals. From understanding the game itself to getting familiar with common betting parlance, we’re here to shed light on everything beginners need to know to get started.

About the Game

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter game with a strong emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Teams comprised of six players each pick heroes with unique abilities to compete in various objective-based game modes. A solid understanding of each hero’s role, strengths, and weaknesses is vital for making educated bets.

owerwatch about the game

The Basics of Overwatch Betting

When we get into the meat of Overwatch betting, it’s all about predicting match outcomes. You can bet on match winners, the results of specific maps, or even in-play actions for live betting. Betting on Overwatch Contenders, the game’s official tournament series for up-and-coming players and teams, is also popular as it showcases new talents that could impact the competitive scene.

Types of Overwatch BetsDescription
Match WinnerWho will win the match.
Map WinnerWhich team will win on a specific map.
Series ScoreThe final score of a series of maps.
Live BettingBetting on various aspects of the game as it unfolds in real-time.

Common Betting Terms

Overwatch League Betting

When we’re on about Overwatch League (OWL) betting, we’re diving into a thrilling part of esports betting with its own quirks. Fancy some tips? Here they are.

First off, Understanding the Odds is crucial:

Choosing a Betting Site, we reckon you want ones with top-notch OWL markets. Look for:

When picking your bets, it’s not just about who wins. You’ve got options like:

Live Betting is where it’s proper exciting. You can gauge the flow of the match and make informed decisions on the fly. Just make sure your site offers swift updates and live odds.

Finally, Strategy-wise, don’t just wing it;

Understand OddsMinus sign for favourites, plus for underdogs.
Pick the Right SiteCompetitive odds, live betting, reliable support.
Betting OptionsMatch, map, handicap, correct score and more.
Live BettingBet during the game for dynamic odds.
StrategyFollow team news, start with smaller bets.

Analysing Overwatch Odds

When we’re placing bets on Overwatch, understanding how odds work is key to making informed decisions. That’s why we’re going to take a gander at the two common types of odds you’ll encounter on betting sites: decimal and fractional. Plus, we’ll touch on how these odds reflect the probability of outcomes.

Decimal vs Fractional Odds

With decimal odds, it’s pretty straightforward. They show the total amount you’ll receive for every £1 you bet. So, if the decimal odds are at 3.00 and you stake £1, a win would have you pocketing £3 – that’s your £1 stake plus £2 in profit.

In comparison, fractional odds, which are a fav across the UK, depict the potential profit against your stake. So, if you’ve got odds of 2/1, (read as “two to one”), you bag £2 in profit for every £1 you bet, plus your original £1 back. Here’s a quick rundown:

Most betting sites allow you to choose your preferred format, so go with what makes the most sense to you.

Understanding Probability

Odds aren’t just about what you could win; they’re a snapshot of what’s expected to happen. Lower odds mean a higher chance of that event occurring. So, if we see an Overwatch team with odds of 1.50 (or 1/2 fractional), the bookies reckon they’ve got a good shot at winning. On the flip side, higher odds signal an underdog with a slimmer chance.

Calculating the implied probability is a breeze with decimal odds. Just take 100 and divide it by the decimal odds (100/3.00 = ~33.33%). With our example, a team at 3.00 odds supposedly has a one in three chance to snag the victory.

Effective Betting Strategies

We’ve found that knowledge and discipline are your best mates. Here’s how to up your game in these key areas.

Research and Knowledge

Understanding Teams and Maps:

Match Analysis:

Bankroll Management

Setting Betting Limits:

Using Betting Systems Wisely:

Live Betting on Overwatch

Live betting injects an exciting dynamic into Overwatch matches, offering us the chance to engage with the game as the action unfolds. Let’s break down the perks and tackle some effective techniques.

Advantages of Live Betting

Live betting on Overwatch comes with several advantages that make the experience well worth our while:

Live Betting Techniques

To make the most out of live betting on Overwatch, we’ve gathered a couple of techniques that have served us well:

Popular teams and players in Overwatch

Popular teams and players in Overwatch

In the whirlwind world of Overwatch esports, we’re always on the lookout for standout teams and top-tier players who dominate the scene.


San Francisco Shock and Shanghai Dragons have been at the forefront, showcasing impressive strategies and clinching major tournament wins. We’ve seen New York Excelsior consistently perform with a powerful roster, making them a force to reckon with. Here’s a quick peek at some top teams:


When it comes to players, few have risen to the status of legends like Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon and Jay “sinatraa” Won. These players have not only got killer skills but also have a strategic mindset that sets them apart. Check out their profiles:

Remember, these teams and players are often the talk of the town for a reason — they bring their A-game to every match and are thrilling to watch (and bet on!). Keep an eye on them for a potentially rewarding Overwatch betting experience.

Top Overwatch Betting Tips

When it comes to Overwatch betting, grasping the game’s intricacies and the competitive landscape is crucial. We’ll walk you through key practices that can elevate your betting game.

Follow the Competitive Scene

Keep tabs on the Overwatch League (OWL) and Contenders tournaments: Overwatch thrives through its competitive scene. We make it a point to watch OWL matches and keep an eye on Contenders tournaments. Teams’ performance in recent games and any roster changes can significantly impact upcoming match outcomes. Here’s what we focus on:

Use Statistic Tools

It’s not just about watching the games; it’s also about understanding the numbers behind them. We utilise statistical tools to get a better read on potential match outcomes:

By combining insights from the competitive scene with data from trustworthy statistics tools, we form a clearer picture to guide our betting choices. It’s not about playing a hunch; it’s about making informed decisions.

Alternatives to Overwatch Betting

Alternatives to Overwatch Betting

When we’re not placing our bets on Overwatch, there are plenty of other esports arenas to get involved in. Let’s take a look at how some of them stack up against our beloved Overwatch betting scene.

Overwatch vs StarCraft Betting

StarCraft, the granddaddy of real-time strategy games, offers a completely different betting dynamic. While Overwatch is a team-based shooter, StarCraft lends itself to the individual brilliance of pro gamers. The odds here can be more predictable as you’re betting on one player’s performance over an opponent’s, unlike the collaborative chaos in Overwatch matches.

Overwatch vs CSBetting

Switching up to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS) betting, it’s all about fast-paced action, similar to Overwatch, but with a touch more realism. In CS, understanding the map strategies and individual player roles is key, offering a detailed layer of betting expertise. With frequent tournaments, the CSbetting scene is buzzing, comparable to Overwatch’s avid betting community.

Overwatch vs League of Legends Betting

Lastly, there’s League of Legends (LoL), a titan in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) world. LoL betting is about long-term plays and macro-strategy, a stark contrast to Overwatch’s micro-intensive skirmishes. The stakes can be high, with massive international tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship drawing in crowds of eager bettors.