Betting on esports

Betting on esports is something very popular these days. On this site we will provide you with information on good esports betting sites. Esports betting is still a fairly new thing compared to many of the other options available on today’s markets. Therefore a helping hand to guide someone through all the options on the market might be a good thing to have.

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Esportbookies.coInformation that we provide about esports betting:

Where to bet on esports
Finding a sportsbetting site with esports is not always that easy. Many of the big sports betting sites still don’t have any esports. However this is something we believe will change, slowly it will get more and more common with esports betting as an option on most betting sites.

Another aspect of it all is that we all probably look for a specific type of esport to bet real money on. We have therefore created the different sections here that specifically recommend the best betting sites for each esport. The goal with this is to provide the best options for Starcraft, CSGO, League of Legends(LOL), DOTA, Heartstone, Heroes of the Storm(HOTS).

In each of these esports sections you can find information regarding that specific esport and which betting sites we can recommend for anyone that is interested in these betting on these esports games. Since not all of them have all of the different esports games in their selection we think this will function as a good guide for all of you visitors.

Another big part of esports betting is of course the possibility to view the games that you are watching. Therefore you can also find some esport streaming site suggestions here as well.

How to play with real money on esports
When you do find your esports betting that that you want to use it works just as a normal sports betting site. You make a deposit with one of the payment options provided for the site. Then depending on what option that was used the money will be in the betting account directly or after maybe a few hours. Once the money can be seen in your betting account you can get ready to bet on esports with real money. Now just try to play within the limit of your budget and maybe read some of the tips and tricks for esports betting that we provide you with.