King of Glory betting sites that accept bank wire

use bank wire for betting on kog

A reputable and reliable online sportsbook will offer their players multiple different ways to deposit and withdraw. One of the most used deposit methods is a normal bank wire and it is accepted at most online sportsbooks. In this article, we will look at some sportsbooks that offer King of Glory betting markets and also offer a chance to deposit using a bank wire.

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Using King of Glory betting sites with bank wire

King of Glory is a multiplayer online battle arena game that was launche din 2015 by Tencent Games. King of Glory is known by its original name, Wangzhe Rongyao, in China as well as elsewhere in the world. This game has the most downloaded app in the world: it has been downloaded 900 million times. Because of its huge popularity, big and well-known sportsbooks, such as Betsafe, Betsson and Unibet, offer a chance to place bets on King of Glory tournaments.

And best of all, all these online sportsbooks also offer a chance to make deposits with bank wire. This is one of the most traditional ways of making deposits at online sportsbooks and it is possibly the only deposit method that doesn’t require a third party merchant.

On our list, you will find the best esports betting sites that accept Bank Wire as a payment method.

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How to deposit at sportsbooks using bank wire

Nowadays, practically everyone has a bank account as well as an access to online banking. Making bank wires has become very easy and fast, as you don’t even have to visit a physical bank anymore in order to make a deposit.

Before making a deposit using bank wire, you have to obtain the sportsbook’s IBAn and SWIFT numbers. Also, some online sportsbooks as for a reference number as well. This information can either be found at the cashier or you can ask for ir from the customer service, for instance via live chat.

The next step is to log into your own online bank and make a payment to the sportsbook. You have to type in the name of the sportsbook, their IBAN and SWIFT and a possible reference number. Then, confirm your deposit and you can return to your sportsbook.

Sometimes, you can even make a deposit using a bank wire without ever leaving the sportsbook’s site. You can just choose “bank wire” for deposit and the sportsbook will redirect you to your bank. You will log in with your credentials and confirm the amount you want to deposit.

However, if you don’t have access to online banking, you will need to visit your local branch.

Also note, that receiving your bank wire usually takes about 0-5 business days.

How to withdraw with bank wire

Withdrawing with bank wire is simple: first, ensure that the sportsbook has your IBAN and SWIFT numbers and make a withdrawal request. Approving the request will take usually 0-72 hours, but this really depends on the sportsbook itself.

After the approval, your sportsbook will send you your winnings. Receiving your money takes anywhere between 0 and 5 business days.

Benefits to using bank wire

Using a bank wire is a traditional way of depositing at an online sportsbooks. Also, it is possibly the only method that doesn’t require a third party merchant, such as an ewallet. Using a bank wire is free most of the time and you can be a 100% sure that it is safe and secure.

Disadvantages of using bank wire

Although making a bank wire can seem like the best thing to do, you should take into account its downsides as well. First off, receiving your deposit can take a few days, which generally speaking isn’t very practical. In addition, making a bank wire using a mobile device can be challenging and inconvenient.

Similar or Alternative Bank Wire options

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History of bank wire and gambling

At the end of 90’s, when online sportsbooks and casinos took off, making a bank wire was one of the only ways to make deposits. However, before online banking became a thing, you had to actually visit a local branch to make your deposit. Talk about inconvenient.

When SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) was finally launched, making bank wires became a lot easier. Especially, when your sportsbook has a bank account in a different country, you should be grateful for SWIFT: you can receive your money a lot faster than before. Today, you can find bank wires at almost all sportsbooks, such as Mr Green and 888Sport.