Starcraft betting sites that accept Skrill

Starcraft betting sites that accept Skrill

starcraft bets with skrill

Online sportsbooks offer many different deposit methods for their players, of which Skrill is one of the most popular ones. Skrill is offered at most reputable and popular esports betting sites online and you can easily find many sites where you can bet on Starcraft and make deposits using Skrill.

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Using Starcraft betting sites with Skrill

Starcraft is a real-time strategy game launched in 1998 by Blizzard Entertainment, that has also published many other super popular esports games over the years. Though this game has been around for over 20 years, it is still relevant today and you can find many online sportsbooks where you can bet on Starcraft. For instance, LeoVegas Sport and Unibet offer a possibility to bet on Starcraft tournaments and games.

Using Skrill for making deposits at online sportsbooks has become more and more popular. It is easy to use, convenient and fast. Also, it is well-known in Europe, especially among players from the UK.

How to deposit at sportsbooks using Skrill

Skrill is a UK based ewallet, that has been around since 2001. It has become more and more popular every year especially in the online gambling world, as using it is very easy and convenient for everyone. Most online sportsbooks already offer a possibility to make deposits with Skrill and you will have no trouble finding sites that accept deposits through them.

Before you can make deposits at online sportsbooks using Skrill, you have to have your own account with the company. Opening the account is always free and all you need is a valid email address. It only takes a few minutes, after which you have to link your credit card, debit card or bank account with Skrill in order to make payments.

After all this is done, you can head over to your sportsbook and choose Skrill as a deposit method. Then, type in the amount you wish to deposit and the sportsbook site will redirect you to Skrill. You will have to log in using your username and password and confirm the deposit.

The deposits are always free and they appear in your sportsbook account in a few minutes. Then you can start playing your favorite games and betting on Starcraft.

How to withdraw with Skrill

The ease of withdrawals with Skrill must be one of the main reasons why many players opt-in on using Skrill. The first step is to make a withdrawal request with your sportsbook and wait for them to approve it. This process normally takes 0-3 business days depending on the sportsbook.

After the approval, your sportsbook will send your winnings to the Skrill account you deposited with. This takes only a couple of minutes. Then, you can transfer your money to your bank account if you want to.

Benefits to using Skrill

Skrill is a very well-known and popular ewallet that enables you to make deposits and payments easily. It is very safe and secure, so you can rest assured that your money and other info will be safe.

Most online sportsbooks accept Skrill, which is especially convenient for those players who want to play at multiple casinos.

Disadvantages of using Skrill

You should note that Skrill charges fees for sending money and making withdrawals, so it is recommended to check the fees beforehand. Also, many sportsbooks won’t allow you to claim your first deposit bonus, if you make a deposit with Skrill. In this case, you should use another payment method for the very first deposit.

In addition, Skrill tends to make security checks on your account in the first few times when you make transfers. This may be annoying, as a transfer might get stopped until certain proof is provided, such as proof of bank account or address.

Alternative or Similar methods to Skrill

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starcraft payments with skrill

History of Skrill and gambling

Skrill is a UK based ewallet that went formerly by “Moneybookers.” It has been open since 2001 and it has been a crucial part of online gambling transactions ever since. Just like Neteller, Skrill is a very well-known ewallet that has offered their services at online casinos and sportsbooks for quite some time.

In 2011, Skrill had over 25 million private accounts and 120 000 merchant accounts. Today, online sportsbooks offer Skrill to their players as a payment method and you will be able to find it at the biggest and most reputable sportsbooks, such as Betsafe.