Betting on Starcraft

For those of us in the UK who enjoy placing bets on Starcraft matches, there are several fantastic options to choose from. To ensure a successful bet, it is crucial to find a reputable website that not only provides a secure platform but also offers excellent bonuses and competitive odds. After thorough research, we have identified a few standout betting sites for this iconic esport.


Unibet is solid for its range of Starcraft markets and live betting options. It’s user-friendly and often rolls out promotions specific to esports.


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Terms & conditions

New costumers only| Min. deposit £10 |35x wagering requirement apply | Bonus will expire 30 days after opt-in | T&C apply | Play responsible | 18+ |


Bet365 is a heavyweight in the betting world and brings that expertise to Starcraft. These folks understand the esports audience and cater accordingly.


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  • Cashout on Weekends: Not specified
  • Cancel Withdrawal: Yes, as long as the request is still “Pending”
  • Manual Flushing: Yes
  • Play without account: Yes, but only for demo versions (free play)
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Leovegas might be better known for its casino, but don’t overlook its esports betting. It’s got a slick interface for esports betting, including on Starcraft.


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  • Play without account: No
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Terms & conditions

T&C apply | New reg only. Opt in & deposit either £10, £25 or £50 within 7 days & further 7 days to wager your deposit 35x to unlock reward (up to £50 for each of your first 2 deposits). Wagering/game contributions vary. 25 x 10p wager-free spins added to Big Bass Splash with each qualifying deposit, 3 day expiry. Other Promotional Play Restrictions Apply.18+ |

Betting on Starcraft

How to create an account. Step by step

Getting started on these sites is a piece of cake, but let’s break it down:

  1. Choose a Site: Pick one from our selection or your other favourite spots.
  2. Sign Up: Hit the ‘Join Now’ or equivalent button, usually top right.
  3. Personal Deets: Fill in the form with your info – make sure it’s accurate.
  4. Verify: You might need to shoot over ID to prove you’re you.
  5. Deposit: Chuck in some quid – use a card, e-wallet, or other methods as available.
  6. Promos: If there’s a welcome offer, now’s the time to nab it with your first bet.
  7. Bet: Browse the Starcraft markets, select your wager, and you’re all set to watch the action with a bit more skin in the game.

Understanding Starcraft Betting

In the world of esports betting, Starcraft stands out as a title that offers dynamic wagering opportunities. We’re here to give you the lowdown on how to get in on the action.

Basics of Starcraft

Starcraft is a real-time strategy game that’s as strategic as it is thrilling. Players take control of one of three factions; the Terrans, Zerg, or Protoss, vying for dominance on various battlegrounds. With matches that can swing in an instant, understanding the game’s mechanics is crucial for making informed bets.

The difference between SC1 and SC2

While Starcraft 1 (SC1) set the stage for esports, Starcraft 2 (SC2) took it to another level with improved graphics and more nuanced gameplay. SC2 matches tend to be faster-paced and have a more developed professional scene, which translates to greater betting volumes and more live-betting options.

Types of Starcraft Bets

Betting on Starcraft can involve a variety of wagers, from predicting the match winner to more complicated live bets. Here’s a quick table to explain some common types:

Bet TypeDescription
Match WinnerPicking the winner of a specific match.
Correct ScorePredicting the exact scoreline of a series.
Objective AchievementsBetting on which player will complete certain objectives first.

Remember, each type of bet requires a different strategy, so it’s important to know the ins and outs before placing your wager.

Finding the Best Betting Platforms

Finding the Best Betting Platforms

When we’re talking StarCraft betting, we look for platforms that check all the boxes: variety, security, and nifty features for a stellar betting experience. Here’s our guide to help you pick the cream of the crop.

Online Betting Sites

We’ve scoured the web to find sites that offer a hefty range of StarCraft markets. Remember, a great site goes beyond the basics – look for one that offers live streaming and a depth of bets that cover everything from match results to specific in-game events. Competitive odds and live betting features are a must for an edge-of-your-seat experience.

Betting Site Credibility

It’s not just about the fun and games; security is crucial. We prefer sites that hold reputable licences and have a solid track record. Honest reviews and clear terms and conditions can be telling signs, so we always give them a good read. And of course, a customer support team that’s ready to help is a big plus in our books.

Betting Apps for Starcraft

The best bets are often made on the fly, so we’re all about that mobile life. A seamless app that keeps the thrills of StarCraft betting at your fingertips is what we’re after. It should be user-friendly, quick to load, and give you the full range of betting features you’d get on the site.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

Getting your funds in and out safely and swiftly is non-negotiable. We’re keen on platforms that offer a variety of payment methods, from bank transfers to e-wallets. Speedy transactions for both deposits and withdrawals get a thumbs up from us. Keep an eye out for any fees that might be lurking, though – no one likes a nasty surprise.

Analysing Starcraft Matches

When we’re looking at Starcraft matches, it’s crucial to consider players’ performance trends, map statistics, and the effects of game patches. These factors are often key indicators of the upcoming match outcomes.

Players’ Form and History

We always kick off with a look at the players’ recent form and historical data. It’s kind of like doing your homework before betting on that critical match. You’d want to check out:

For example:

PlayerRecent Win RateNotable WinsHead-to-Head RecordLast Tournament Placement
Player A70%Player B, Player C3-1 vs Player DQuarterfinals
Player B40%Player D1-3 vs Player ARound of 16

Map Statistics

Maps in Starcraft are a bit like chess boards, each with its own quirks. We take a gander at map win rates since some players might be aces on certain maps while they might struggle on others. Check out things such as:

Map Data Example:

MapPlayer A Win RatePlayer B Win RateNotes
Map 165%45%Player A's stronghold
Map 250%55%Player B's pick

Game Patches Impact

We can’t overlook the latest deets on game patches – they can flip the game on its head! Here’s what we’re mindful of:

Recent Patch Notes:

We’re here to distil down the data and help you make a well-informed flutter at the bookies.

starcarft some information

Developing Betting Strategies

When betting on Starcraft, we’ve found it crucial to focus on both proper bankroll management and a robust understanding of the game.

Bankroll Management

In any form of betting, managing your bankroll is critical. This means setting aside a specific amount of money that you can afford to lose, and not a penny more. It’s all about long-term sustainability. We use a method known as ‘unit betting’ where we decide on a uniform amount — a ‘unit’ — that we’ll stake on each bet. Typically, this is a small percentage of our total bankroll. For example:

This structured approach keeps us from making rash decisions based on emotions and ensures we stay in the game longer, even through a rough patch.

Research and Knowledge

Arm yourself with knowledge. We dive deeply into player and team statistics, historical performances, and game-specific strategies before placing any bets. Understanding variables such as player form, map selections, and matchups becomes second nature to us.

By analysing these specifics, we can make more educated guesses and increase our chances of successful bets. Always remember, the more you know about Starcraft and its competitive scene, the better equipped you are to spot value in the betting markets.

Advanced Betting Concepts

Betting on Starcraft isn’t just about picking winners and losers; it’s about understanding the dynamics of the game as they unfold.

Live Betting Strategy

When we’re watching a Starcraft match live, the odds can change as quickly as the strategies on the battlefield. Our goal is to identify patterns within the game that can predict outcomes before the bookies adjust their odds. For instance, if a player tends to dominate in the mid-game, that’s our cue to place our bets before their odds shorten.

Exploiting Live Betting Odds to Gain the Upper Hand When Betting Live

Live odds represent a snapshot of the game’s state at any given moment. If we’ve done our homework, we can spot opportunities that the average punter misses.

Key Tip: Wait for momentary dips in a favourite’s performance to get better odds before you expect them to bounce back.

E-sports Betting Syndicates

We’ve got to think of E-sports betting syndicates as our strategy think-tanks. They’re groups that pool knowledge and resources to bet on Starcraft matches.

Syndicate Benefits:

Joining a syndicate can leverage collective expertise, but remember, we want to be contributing as much as we’re benefiting.

Common Mistakes in Starcraft Betting

When we’re getting into the Starcraft betting scene, we’ve noticed a few pitfalls that punters commonly stumble over. Here’s what you definitely want to avoid:

Check these! Patches can shake up the meta, affecting even the top players. And let’s not forget, some players excel against certain opponents or on certain maps.

Bet TypeDescription
Match WinnerPick who wins the match outright.
Correct Map ScoreGuess the exact outcome of the maps within a match.
Map WinnerPredict the winner of an individual map.

Teams and Players that Dominate

StarCraft’s competitive scene is flush with talent, but there are shining stars that earn the spotlight. Whether you’re cheering from the stands or placing bets, knowing who’s who in StarCraft can give you the edge.

Teams and Players that Dominate

Starcraft players to look for

Teams in Starcraft

Team NameNotable AchievementsLink to Profile
Team LiquidMultiple tournament victories in major SC2 circuitsTeam Liquid
Jin Air Green WingsConsistent high performances in team leaguesJin Air Green Wings

Alternative to Starcraft Betting

If StarCraft isn’t quite your thing, worry not. We’ve got a rundown on a few other popular esports that might tickle your fancy when it comes to betting. Each has its own unique scene and offers a different betting experience.


CS, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a titan in the esports arena. It’s all about strategy, skill, and precision. Betting on CScan be as intense as the games themselves, with options ranging from match winners to specific in-game events like the first kill or the number of rounds.

Fortnite Betting

Fortnite’s blend of building and battle royale action makes for unpredictable matches, and thus, thrilling betting scenarios. Fortnite tournaments are big on drama, and the odds can be quite attractive.

Overwatch Betting

Fast-paced and full of action, Overwatch is prime territory for esports betting. With its array of characters and strategic depth, Overwatch offers some unique betting opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

League of Legends Betting

Our last shout out goes to League of Legends, a MOBA that’s taken the esports world by storm. With its deep strategy and character selection, LoL betting is perfect for those who love to crunch stats and predict outcomes.

Each of these games has a devoted fan base and a thriving competitive scene. So if Starcraft doesn’t float your boat, one of these alternatives might just be your cup of tea!