Betting on Starcraft

Betting on StarCraft can be both fun and hard. First step when you want to place an esports bet on a StarCraft is to find a place to do so. Here are some options that you can use for doing just that.

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StarCraft is created by Blizzard Entertainment and was released 1998 in its first version. The later version, StarCraft 2 was released in 2010 and it’s still a very popular game. Exactly when the betting on StarCraft two became popular is hard to say but a few years after the release 2010 the popularity of also betting on StarCraft two games became more popular.

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One of the reasons that StarCraft betting has become so big is the broadcast that has med it very easy to watch the games and follow the different professional StarCraft players. This has made it possible for people to connect with professional players and that’s probably to some extent an important part for creating the interest also to place bets on StarCraft.

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The commentators of the game have also had a very big impact in creating the increased interest for StarCraft in general as well as the betting on StarCraft. Their passion during the games has surely opened people’s minds about the game and increased interest for also e sports betting on StarCraft.

The professionals playing StarCraft has also had their impact in the hype of betting on matches. Profiles like Naniwa and other strong personalities has surely also made people more passionate about the game and in that way made betting on StarCraft a more popular thing as well.

The real base of StarCraft interest and popularity in the game StarCraft comes from Korea. This is where the game became really big in the first place and it’s also where it’s the biggest today. In Korea there are also the best professional StarCraft players as well as the most professional StarCraft players.