Betting on DOTA 2

If you’re looking to make a bet on DOTA 2, we might have some tips for you before you make a wager. Below we have listed some of the popular rooms for betting on e-sport and specifically DOTA. Also we have some general advice for betting on the DOTA scene, that might be helpfull.

Here you can bet on DOTA 2 Games:

E-sport site Wagering Requirements Bonus Minimum odds Visit

3x £40 bonus
T&C's Apply +18
1,40 Activate Bonus

Some betting tips on DOTA
When it comes to betting on DOTA, one general rule of thumb is to have an eye out on the professional scene. Stay up-to-date with the recent games played on streams like Twitch and Youtube (e.g. ESL-channel). The more you know about the pro’s the better chances you have to become a winning DOTA betting player. Also make sure that you compare the odds between the various betting rooms. You always want to play with the best odds, small things adds up fast. A betting bonus could however make up for poor odds. It’s a judgement call.

dota 2 betting

More than often in DOTA you’re betting on which team that will win. Either it’s a specific team versus team game or you’re betting on what team will win a whole tournament. This take us back to our tip on DOTA to have an eye on the pro’s that are playing. If you know how they have been performing the last games compared to each other, you might be able to foresee the future and make a qualified bet.

Betting on DOTA with real money
But remember that betting is a game that is played in long run. Don’t bet more then you can afford to lose, and make sure that you keep a record of your winnings and losses so you can analyze if you have a solid or bad strategy for playing on DOTA.

Big Tournaments in DOTA

  • World Cyber Arena
  • WCA
  • DOTA MAJOR Championships
  • The Summit

About the game DOTA 2
DOTA2 was first released in 2013 after been in beta since 2011, the game is produced by VALVE and it’s a follow up from Warcraft 3 map Defence of the Ancients (DotA). The game is one of the most played games on Steam and the interest both playing and watching other play has increased in popularity ever since.

The game belongs to the MOBA-genre (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Two teams “Dire” and “Radian” is playing each other. The goal of the game is to destroy the other team base.