Betting on League of Legends

Leaguge of Legends, also known as lol, is one of the biggest e-sports games that people are betting on. Make sure to check out this guide before you make your first Leauge of Legends wager. We will try to give you some hints that will improve your betting strategy for League of Legends.

E-sport site Wagering Requirements Bonus Minimum odds Visit

3x £40 bonus
T&C's Apply +18
1,40 Activate Bonus

Bet on League of Legends with real money
First of all, make sure that you have scouted the betting rooms that are taking bets on League of Legends. We have listed some of the rooms below. The odds varies depending on the room. Even though one day one room have the best odds on League of Legends, the odds can change the very next day on another.

Also, there are welcome bonuses to new players when they sign up at a room and make a first deposit. That means that players can get even more money to bet on League of Legend games, however this money is labeled bonus and more then often require some kind of turn-over.

league of legends betting

Strategies and tips on how to bet on League of Legends
Information is king. This applies to most things in life, this stays true when trying to become a successful League of Legends betting player. The fundamental strategy to become a good player is to constantly and actively seeking information on the pro-games and teams that are playing the big tournaments. The more you know about the teams and players that meet each other, the better the chances are that you will make a winning bet. Of course there is some luck involved, but it’s always better to have the odds on your side.

There are tons of information out there. Check out Youtube, Twitch even Twitter and you’ll have a lot of data to analyze. This might sounds like a boring thing to do, but this is needed if you want to have success in betting at League of Legends.

Of course, betting should be viewed as something fun, that could spice up a game. But its even more fun if you can make a buck or two.