Betting on CSGO (Counter-Strike)

Here are some suggestions for anyone that wants to do betting on csgo, Counter Strike Global Offensive. It’s not something that you can find on every betting site but in the list provided below you can be sure that all of them provide you with betting on csgo. It’s actually one of the more popular games in the e sports betting scene, so compared some of the others its more easy to find betting sites that accept bets on csgo.

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Top 5 CS:GO Betting Sites

The game Counter Strike was released in 1999 and became a very big success straight away. At the time it was either Counterstrike or the game DOOM that was the two first person shooter games which was most popular.

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The game CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) was released in 2012 and is so far a huge success. Since CSGO is also entertaining to watch it has also become big when it comes to betting on csgo. Also since it is one of the most well knows games in e sports it’s of course very popular to place bets with money on CSGO as well.

counter-strike betting

The usual objective of the game is terrorist’s vs counter terrorists. One team has the goal to place a bomb and another team’s goal is to stop them. Each team can have a different number of players but it’s usually always the same amount of players in each time.

When you bet money on csgo it’s usually a winner of a tournament or a winner of a specific game that you bed on. There are of course many different teams and matches to bet on in csgo. Some of the more famous teams are listed below.

Famous CSGO teams to bet money on:

  • EnVyUs
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Team Dignitas
  • Flipsid3

It’s during the bigger tournaments of CSGO that you will find the most betting opportunities. These tournaments are not running every week so it can always be a good idea to keep a bit of track on when the big events are played.

Some of the big CSGO events:

  • CS:GO Champions League
  • StarLadder Starseries
  • ESL ESEA Pro League
  • Fragbite Master CS:GO
  • CSGO betting strategy

You should always follow upcoming teams and their forms. Sometimes a new team can be underrated but of course you must find that team then and that’s not always easy. Therefore watching lots of smaller CSGO tournaments via different streams can be very good when you look for some extra edge.

The bigger matches with usually are the fun ones to bet one don’t have the best odds most of the time. Since they odds makers know the top teams very well it should be easier to find some odds that’s to high in a less famous game.

The form of the teams is always important. Even the best teams can have a low period where they don’t perform to the max. If you pay attention you might be able to find that out earlier than others.

When the game has a new map or a big update is done there is always some chance of surprises. This means that some of the less good teams might have a better chance and during times like that it might be of more value to bet on the underdog on csgo.