Call of Duty betting sites that accept Visa

use visa when you bet on cod

Online betting has become very popular in the recent years, and especially the growing interest in esports has sparked many to try their luck (and skill) in betting. In this article, we will look at how you can make deposits using Visa and start placing bets on Call of Duty.

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Using Call of Duty betting sites with Visa

Call of Duty is a popular esports game that is played around the world. The game is mainly published by Activision and the first Call of Duty game was published already in 2003. Ever since then, at least one new sequel has been published every month. The latest one is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that came to market on 2019. Because of its great popularity among players, spectators and bettors, many online sportsbooks have made it possible to place bets ons Call of Duty tournaments. Some of these sportsbooks include for example Betsson, Unibet and LeoVegas.

These big time sportsbooks also accept Visa deposits and withdrawals, which makes getting started very easy for players. It is available at most online gambling sites, and most players own a Visa credit or debit card.

On our list, you will find the best esports betting sites that accept Visa as a payment method.

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How to deposit at sportsbooks using Visa

Visa is one of the most used and popular credit cards worldwide. This is why it is also available at most online sportsbooks. Visa can be found in many players’ wallets, which is why it is also a convenient choice for many.

Before you can make deposits with Visa, you have to have a Visa credit card or a Visa debit card. Usually, Visa Electron is not accepted, unless the site specifically says so. If you don’t yet own a Visa card, you can apply for one at your own bank.

Making deposits with Visa basically works the same way as making regular purchases for instance at an online store. The only difference is that you are “paying yourself” when you deposit at an online sportsbook.

First, you will have to head over to the sportsbook’s cashier and select Visa for deposits. Then, type in the amount you wish to deposit along with all the other details, such as card number, expiration date, CVV code, your name as it appears on the card and your billing address.

You will be able to start playing within minutes, as your deposit will show up in your account almost immediately. You should check any associated fees, though, as they usually charge about 2,5% fee.

How to withdraw with Visa

Before making your very first withdrawal, you should send in a copy of your ID, proof of your address and proof of payment to your online sportsbook. They will most likely ask for these in order to verify your identity. Then, you can make a withdrawal request.

Usually, sportsbooks approve these requests within 72 hours, though this time may vary. After the approval, your funds will be available in your Visa card within a week or so.

Benefits to using Visa

The biggest benefit to using Visa is that it is available almost everywhere. There are only a handful of casinos and sportsbooks on the market that don’t accept Visa. Also, as Visa can be found in the wallets of most players, it is a very convenient and easy option for many.

Visa is also very trustworthy and secure, so your money is always safe.

Disadvantages of using Visa

Unfortunately, deposits/withdrawals with Visa usually include a daily limit, which can be some thousands. This can be set by the sportsbook, Visa or your bank, and you should check these beforehand.

Also, Visa payments usually include a 2,5% fee or something similar.

Similar or Alternative Payment Options from Visa

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visa payments call of duty

History of Visa and gambling

Visa came to market already in 1958 in America, where it was meant for middle class households. However, it soon became widely used in the entire world. At the end of 90’s, when online sportsbooks and casinos were growing, Visa was actually one of the first and only payment methods available.

Fortunately, you can still make deposits and withdrawals with Visa to this day. Most online sportsbooks, such as Betsafe and Bet365 accept deposits with Visa credit cards and debit cards. You can even get started today and place your first bets on Call of Duty.