Esport streams

Watching esport streams is of course a big part of the betting as well. It’s by watching the esport stream that people can enjoy the games they have betted money on. It’s also a place where you can analyze players and matches.

At the moment we don’t see live betting on esports but it could surely come in the future. Then a good solid streaming site will be a must have to be able to enjoy that to the fullest power.

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Twitch logoThere are already today some great options today for good esport streams. One of the most popular and best sites is probably Twitch. Twitch both provides quality streams and a very big selection of different games.

Quality of esport streams
Of course the quality of the picture is very important when streaming e sports. On Twitch and many other sites this can easily be adjusted also so it fits the speed of your internet conection. A higher quality stream will demand faster internet, so sometimes a lower quality e sport stream will be preferred since this will be the only option that is free from lag(a stream that stops from time to time). Therefore the adjustment option of the quality is a very important function to look for on a streaming site.

Supply of matches
On Twitch it’s a very good selection of different e sport streams. You can more or less find anything there. During big events it’s possible to find several streams for one tournament so that you can watch more than one match at a time.

Here is a list of some of the games that you can find streams from on Twitch: