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A reputable and reliable online sportsbook will offer their players multiple different ways to deposit and withdraw. One of the most used deposit methods is a normal bank wire and it is accepted at most online sportsbooks. In this article, we will look at some sportsbooks that offer Fortnite betting markets and also offer a chance to deposit using a bank wire.

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Using Fortnite betting sites with bank wire

Fortnite is a third person shooter game released in 2017 by Epic Games, and it soon became an epic hit. There are three modes in the game: Save The World, Battle Royale and Creative. Players all over the world love this game and esports fans gladly watch it tournament after tournament. Also, bettors have discovered the fun in betting on Fortnite as well. This is also why most of the biggest and most reputable sportsbooks, such as LeoVegas and Mr Green, offer a chance to bet on Fortnite.

Also, these well-known sportsbooks offer a chance to make deposits using bank wire, which is one of the most traditional ways of depositing and withdrawing money at an online sportsbook.

On our list, you will find the best esports betting sites that accept Bank Wire as a payment method.



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How to deposit at sportsbooks using bank wire

Nowadays, most people have their own bank account as well as an access to online banking. Thus making deposits via bank transfer or bank wire is very easy and convenient, as most people can do it without even leaving their own home.

Before you can make a deposit at an online sportsbook using bank wire, you have to get your hands onto their IBAN and SWIFT numbers. You can usually find these either at the cashier or just ask from the customer service. In some cases, you can make a transfer directly via their website, so you will not need to know the numbers in advance.

The next step for you is to log into your online bank. Type in the name of the sportsbook, their IBAN and SWIFT as well as possible reference number. Then, you will need to confirm the transfer and you are done.

Sometimes, the sportsbook will allow you to make a bank wire directly through the website. You will choose “bank wire” as a deposit method and input the amount you want to deposit. You will then be redirected to your online bank and you can just confirm the deposit.

If you don’t have an access to your online bank, you will need to visit your local branch.

After the deposit is confirmed, it may take 0-5 business days for the deposit to show in your sportsbook account.

How to withdraw with bank wire

First, you will need to ensure that the sportsbook has your IBAN and SWIFT numbers. If you deposited using a bank wire, then you normally don’t have to send them in separately. Next, make a withdrawal request and wait for your sportsbook to process it. This normally takes 0-3 business days, depending on the sportsbook.

After your request has been approved, you will receive your money in 0-5 business days.

Benefits to using bank wire

Bank wires are one of the most traditional methods of depositing and possibly the only way that doesn’t require a third party. Also, bank wires are normally free, unless you make a wire with a teller at your bank. You can also be 100% sure that bank wires are safe and secure.

Disadvantages of using bank wire

Making bank wires via mobile is very inconvenient and in addition, receiving your deposit in your sportsbook can take a few days. Sometimes, sportsbooks can charge fees for bank wires, so you should check this in advance.

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History of bank wire and gambling

Ever since online gambling became popular, bank wires have been a way to make deposits. However, before online banking was available, you had to visit an actual bank branch to make a deposit.

After SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) was launched, making bank wires became very fast and easy. Especially, making transfers between accounts in separate countries became easier. Today, most online sportsbooks, such as Unibet, Betsafe and 888Sport, accept bank wires. And best of all, you can make bank wires using your online bank.